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Our Ministries

We have a few options for those who want to engage in the study of the bible. 

We have studies in which you are welcome to speak your thoughts and ask questions or just sit quietly and listen, no pressure. I think you will like our friendly environment.


Thursday Night Study

on summer break
Call (907) 707-3122
for more info.

We are currently exploring the topic of Evangelism. What is the Christian Gospel Message? 


Saturday Night Study @ Seversons Home,
6:00 pm
Call (907) 230-8872
for more info.

We are looking into the book of Hebrews. 


Sunday Night Study @ BBBC,
6:30 - 7:30 pm
Call (907) 982-4075
for more info.

We are currently looking into the Gospel according to Mark.

What is the "Gospel"?

the "Gospel" is the good news about Jesus Christ. Come explore the intensity of Mark's account of Jesus Christ. 

 10:00 am in the Fellowship Hall. Study guides are available.


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